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We are pleased to introduce Al-Raheek Trading Center, RTC as one of reputed leading foodstuff trading companies in the Middle East.
Our company was granted the certificate of ISO 9001 on import and export due to our good reputation and our 20 years of experience.

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Well known, trusted and well recognized for our commitment to quality. RTC is a leading importer, distributor and exporter of most foodstuff as Spices and herbs, fresh, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables like potatoes, onion red/ golden, iceberg, lettuce, lemon, cucumber, carrot, green peas, green beans and fresh fruits like apple, peaches, plums, orange, pomegranate, grape, strawberry. Dates, dates syrup and honey.

Non-food products like food and beverage glass packaging from jars and olive oil glass bottles, twist off caps and so on, backed by long years of valuable experience. We enjoy a reputation for reliability earned over the years both within Egypt and globally.


RTC's prestigious clientele includes most of whole sale markets, big stores and super markets, catering companies, food chains, bakeries, famous local markets with replica Audemars Piguet more than 150 branches to serve in Egypt, like Carrefour, Lulu hypermarkets, HyperOne ,…etc. Based on our belief that our client deserves the best instant service, our deduction to excellence is reflected in high quality standards that we set, meet and exceed. We are top suppliers to these customers and offered customized solutions to meet their individual needs.


RTC endeavors to become the number one company for the supply of top quality fresh fruit like orange, apple, pomegranate, grape, peaches, strawberry, guava, pickles, olive oil, Saudi dates, dates syrup, honey, propolis, and more, with focus of prompt deliveries and personalized service. We aim to reach this position by anticipating and meeting high standards and requirements, while keeping pace with technological advances and confirming to high qualities.


We work to establish strong long term relationships with our valued clients, while continuous efforts to offer them the highest level of service based on mutual honesty and confidence. Geographically, our focus remains on the Middle East, African and Europe countries.

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